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ca. 1891, [Performer Jack Sinclair’s Colt Revolver, presented by the Knight’s Templar], Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company

Jack Sinclair was the director of the Dodge City Cowboy Band. Dressed in full cowboy regalia from head to toe, the band was formed as a booster for the booming cowboy town of Dodge City, Kansas. The band…performed around the country, including at the inauguration of President Benjamin Harrison in 1889. Sinclair used this ornate Single Action Army as a baton to lead the band. He would fire blanks to punctuate the band’s performance…Friends in the Knights Templar presented the revolver to Sinclair, along with an actual baton that was also ornately decorated, in 1892.

via the Autry National Center
  • 10 April 2012
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